Barbaroslar Episode 8 ( Barbarossa Episode 8 ) In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 8 in Urdu Subtitles

In Barbaroslar Episode 8, Sylvio discovers that the boat he sent with Oruj has vanished and gets exceptionally furious. That evening, she embarks to find it; but when Khizir reveals his suspicion about what could have happened – barrels aboard missing!-she begins questioning Dervish about their usual demeanor in these matters…if something like this happens before? But all is typical because of course, they’re always careful not only for themselves (and if anything goes wrong) but also any other mariners who might need assistance at sea during storms or expeditions without clear sailing conditions ahead–which brings us back around again.

In Barbaroslar (Barbarossa) episode 8 Oruj understands that this man is Fatih Sultan Mehmet and starts conversing with him. Fatih asks her not to lose trust but before long awakens, needing to assemble a pontoon utilizing the trees on their Island. Golem goes over for Isabel who’s hanging tight at hotel Khizir while Mouselook distracts Ishaq so he’ll set off unopposed towards Kalymnos island where Radko awaits – giving Pietro back his book which Esther had taken earlier!

Barbaroslar Episode 8 in Urdu Subtitles

In Barbarossa Episode 8: If all else fails, Khizir goes to Kilic’s home and lets him know what befell Oruj. He requests that he help Khizer quiet down which they do so long enough for Sahin’s dad (Ishaq) not find out about their scheme in time before they break away from each other again because of his exceptionalism when it comes to family matters such as this one-of course with trust issues involved between the two old friends who haven’t seen each since they were kids back when Ottoman Empire still existed but now can barely stand.

After Khizir takes Kilic’s boat and starts searching for Oruj with Sahin, they are assaulted by locals. The two men got back their own ship before the aggressors could attack them again but now it’s up to local residents who will help find Ilyas? Will Esther escape from prison or Pietro stops her once more?!

In Barbaroslar (Barbarossa), Episode 8 at the point when Sahin arrives on his horse with Jafer’s man in tow. The stranger requests that he spare him and doesn’t want to be a part of this arrangement, so Sahin punches him right off of Oruj’s back before going after Khizir who has been running away from them all day long. He says if anyone lies about what they’ve got planned then it will only make things more difficult for everyone else- including himself! With their little boat -made out some driftwood left behind by pirates.

Barbarossa Episode 8 in Urdu Subtitles

In Barbarossa, Episode 8. In the meantime, a private gathering goes to the island and starts assaulting Oruj. Despina faults Isabel for what befell Oruj and goes over there to contend with her personally- Khizir sees an out of reach place somewhere far away from where he needs control but Sahin says no one should jeopardize individuals on board so they battle once more until finally, their fight reaches ashore again at which point it is Mahi who takes care of all aggressors by herself without any help whatsoever!

The episode begins with two warring pirates fighting each other while another attacks our leading lady (Isabel)who hospitably welcomed them into town only moments earlier as per request from King George II.

In Barbaroslar (Barbarossa)Episode 8, Pietro says he hasn’t got Abu Muhammad and the book of secret yet but will solve these problems in a short time. Cardinal Lucas is very angry at what was said by Pietro as well as how it would affect his relationship with Pope Leo IV if word gets out about him being here on Earth without solving all three great issues- referring back to pg 28 from The Two Thrones.

After some convincing from Sahin who’s arguing inside a restaurant while waiting for someone outside that can help them get through this mess more quickly than expected; they send their messenger home before things really start going south between father & son because it’s already dark outside now which gives way too much.

Barbaroslar Episode 8 ( Barbarossa Episode 8 ) In Urdu Subtitles

11 Nov at 9 AM

قسط نمبر 8 کل نشر نہیں کی گئی ۔ اب 11 نومبر کو قسط نشر کی جائے گی، شکریہ!

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